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ᐈ Hire the best Croatian to Spanish Proofreaders

Looking for a professional Croatian-Spanish Proofreading? Choose one from many freelance Spanish translators that fit your purpose.
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Adis Mehmedovic
Adis Mehmedovic
Spain, Torrevieja
About me
My name is Adis, a freelancer with one main wish! Bringing your project to the next level and fitting it to the Bosnian speaking public. Professional and diligent Bosnian translator and localization supporter, with experience and wide translation knowledge. Guaranteed accurate and high-quality translation, professional attitude, and deadline commitment.
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Anna-Maria Frid
Anna-Maria Frid
Croatia, Zagreb
About me
I am a born Croatian who spent most of my life living abroad. Other than Croatian I am a native speaker in Spanish and English. I have worked in tourism and international environments most my life and I started translating while I was at the University. I am also a certified Court Interpret in English.
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2:02 AM
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