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TM management from English to Chinese (traditional)
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Lydia Yang
Lydia Yang
Taiwan, Changhua
About me
I had internship experience at college with years of training. I've been working with successful translation service providers to make clients happy since 2009. I'd been teaching English and Mandarin Chinese at colleges aside from working at the Principal's office and in a language school where we practiced the Grammar-translation method. You can google me using Lydian Translation Services as the keyword to find out more.
TM management
100%Compliance with deadlines
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MIchael Chang
MIchael Chang
Malaysia, Johore
About me
Hi i been work as translator with gaming translate been 2 years ,and i will provide full translate service with non translate software. you can also find me for communication with Chinese for business's things for extra charges.
TM management
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3:55 AM
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