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MT post-editing from English to Maltese

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Prasanjit Gaikwad
Prasanjit Gaikwad
India, Pune
About me
I am expertise 1 and more language like English, Dutch, Japanese , Bulgarian, Belarusian, Mongolian, Arabic, Hungarian, Afrikaans, French, Marathi, Turkmen, Chinese(Simplified), Russian, Serbian, Telugu, Japanese, Danish, Finnish, Persian, Kazakh, Thai, Dutch, Armenian, Filipino, Bengali, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Punjabi, Swedish, Korean, Turkish, German, Georgian, Hebrew, Irish, Uzbek, Latin, Pashto, Arabic, Greek, Estonian, Odia, Afrikaans, Tamil, Swahili, Romanian, French, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Latvian, Belarusian, Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian,Slovak etc.
MT post-editing
100%Compliance with deadlines
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4 379words
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Marie Celine Grech
Marie Celine Grech
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Callington
About me
Over 16 years' experience, working in 4 languages, covering a variety of subject from EU Directives and Regulations to CV translations, legal affairs and software localization.
MT post-editing
1 893words
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Last seen:5 days ago
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