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Copywriting from French to Italian
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Luca Tutino
Luca Tutino
Italy, Rome
About me
After 8 years as Italian Editor at PolyGram and 4 as International TV Programs Distributor, I currently work as an independent translator mainly on Technical, Marketing, and Corporate documents in 3 language combinations and manage translation projects in most western language combinations. I hold a Master Degree in Philosophy and my university education in Linguistics is completed by more than 25 years of work dedicated to languages and translation and 4 years of international business experience in the distribution of TV programs and movies. For a few years, I have also worked as an Italian correspondent for the English-language American website andante.com. My marketing translations offer perfectly adapted, effective Italian, focused on engaging and attracting readers, inspiring media, and ensuring that campaigns are persuasive and end up pinned to walls for intense discussions. More info: https://www.linkedin.com/in/technitext/
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11:33 AM
Arianna Apollonio
Arianna Apollonio
Italy, Roma
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