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Audiovisual translation from German to Romanian
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Gabriela Georgiana Vornicu
Gabriela Georgiana Vornicu
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Bristol
About me
Translator, Terminologist and Project Manager, I have an all-around perspective about translation. My linguistic skills were constantly polished from the experience I gained from work and my several years of studying my working languages in their native countries.
Audiovisual translation
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Last seen:6 hours ago
Andreea Sepi
Andreea Sepi
Germany, Rosenheim, Germany
About me
Experienced bilingual translator, transcreator and writer with a degree in International Business (BBA) from a Romanian university, graduate certificates in Marketing, International Rhetoric and Economics (Germany and the U.S.), and a BA in English from the University of London. Strong track record of ROU-ENG-ROU, GER-ROU and GER-ENG translation and communication projects.
Audiovisual translation
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3:37 PM
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