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Training from Greek to English
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Greece, Thessaloniki
About me
Ι am a graduate of the Department of English Literature of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and hold an M.B.A., MA in Public Relations, an MSc in Teaching Adults, an MSc in Organizational and Business Psychology and a PhD in Counseling and Supervising. I have also obtained a number of diplomas and post graduate diplomas mainly in journalism, human resources management, crisis management, hospitality, event planning and negotiation. I have 29 years of professional experience in management, sales, adult education, writing, consulting and I am a Chartered Business Administrator and a BPS member. I have been involved in public relations in politics and cinema. I have worked for Aggelioforos newspaper as a columnist for many years, now I write for typologos.com, “ψυχογραφήματα” and I am the managing editor and columnist for portalnews.gr. I have written a book for the National Kapodistrian University, small theatrical plays for children in English, 9 e-books and a novel.
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