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ᐈ Hire the best Hebrew to German Proofreaders

Looking for a professional Hebrew-German Proofreading? Choose one from many freelance German translators that fit your purpose.
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Prasanjit Gaikwad
Prasanjit Gaikwad
India, Pune
About me
I am expertise 1 and more language like English, Dutch, Japanese , Bulgarian, Belarusian, Mongolian, Arabic, Hungarian, Afrikaans, French, Marathi, Turkmen, Chinese(Simplified), Russian, Serbian, Telugu, Japanese, Danish, Finnish, Persian, Kazakh, Thai, Dutch, Armenian, Filipino, Bengali, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Punjabi, Swedish, Korean, Turkish, German, Georgian, Hebrew, Irish, Uzbek, Latin, Pashto, Arabic, Greek, Estonian, Odia, Afrikaans, Tamil, Swahili, Romanian, French, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Latvian, Belarusian, Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian,Slovak etc.
25%Compliance with deadlines
Based on 8 reviews
11.7 kwords
per word
Last seen:88 minutes ago
Hezi Tenenboim
Hezi Tenenboim
Germany, Berlin
About me
Me: an experienced, proactive, Hebrew/English/German translator who, without any business platform, has been able in the course of the past seven years to gather a following of loyal clients who won't trust their translation with anyone else. I will spare you clichés about my 'passion for the written word' and such. My translations are organic and adaptive when needed (prose, copywrite), and razor-sharp accurate otherwise (manuscripts, protocols, medical reports). I am a scientist and academic translation is my forte, but being additionally a linguistic scholar I can tackle almost any type of text, with possible exception of business and sports. My service is accomodating, direct and flexible–very different from what you might get from an agency. I'd love to work with you on your next project.
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5:41 PM
Akabayov Sabine
Akabayov Sabine
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