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Mostafa Ezzat Mostafa Al-Desouky
Mostafa Ezzat Mostafa Al-Desouky
Egypt, Helwan - Cairo
About me
I have been providing linguistic services to multiple agencies worldwide since 2010. I guarantee quality work and strict observation of deadlines. I've been in the field for almost 10 years. I look forward to cooperating with more agencies to provide their clients with exceptional quality in the language pairs I work on. My scientific background as an electrical and communications engineer gave me a special capacity to handle technical texts, and working on proofreading and revision of books of my father, who is a Ph.D. of law gave me a vast legal culture that allows me to handle contracts and legal clauses. My inherent love of knowledge allowed me to acquire information needed to provide reliable service.
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7:31 AM
Wale Leha
Wale Leha
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