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Copywriting from Italian to Spanish
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Antonella Peretti
Antonella Peretti
Italy, Turin
About me
I've got two degrees in Foreign Languages, which I got in 2016 and 2018. The first thesis was about audiovisual translation from English into Italian, particularly about the translation of humour in three Disney movies (The Aristocats, Alice in Wonderland and The Emperor's New Groove; the samples are available below in the Portfolio section). Last year, as I wrote in the Work Experience section, I translated a series of Power Point presentations from Italian into English about marketing language. Unfortunately, ppt format is not supported here so I couldn't upload them, but, if anyone is interested, I can send them by email. I can translate from English and Spanish into Italian and vice versa. SOFTWARE APPLICATIONS • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint. • Other Windows programs: Outlook, Google, Internet Explorer Translation programs: CAT (Computer Assisted Translation): OmegaT, MateCat, Wordfast Anywhere, Subtitling: Subtitle Workshop, Aegisub, DivXLand Media Subtitler).
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Carmen Posta
Carmen Posta
Italy, Bologna
About me
I started working in the digital field for more than 10 years ago. This enabled me to get deep knowledge in how to communicate on websites and social networks for SEO and SEM purposes, but also for education and entertainment ones. I have been working in different companies over Europe that specialized in Digital Marketing and Education by covering the roles of Curator, Translator, Content Editor (I have as well good graphic skills on the Adobe Suite), Social Media Manager... until the day of today in which I am the Director of Communications in a Spanish start-up that works in the scuba diving industry and in marine conservation biology. I like to embrace many different topics and to write about them enables me to learn always new things!
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