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Looking for a professional Norwegian-Spanish Proofreading? Choose one from many freelance Spanish translators that fit your purpose.
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Maria Paula Gorgone
Maria Paula Gorgone
About me
With more than 12 years of experience, I provide professional translation and interpretation services from English, Italian and Norwegian into Spanish. I’m a native speaker of Spanish, with a passion for languages and communication. I’m a perpetually curious person and I love traveling. Through my life, I have lived in different countries, such as Argentina, Norway, and the United States. I’m constantly updating and expanding my knowledge by taking courses connected to different aspects of the profession; some of the courses I have taken include Subtitling, Notions of General Medicine for Translators, and Knowledge of Clinical Trials and Medical Documentation.
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5:43 AM
Francisco Hernandez Eliassen
Francisco Hernandez Eliassen
Spain, Maspalomas
About me
Efficient, dynamic, precise. These are just a few words that describe my way of working. I try to be the best I can be with every project. I have past experience as a rescuer on lifeboats, giving me an edge in medical translation. Asides from that I have previously been a Sergeant attached to a Military Police unit in Norway. This has helped me in understanding law and technical lingo. I mainly work in the legal field, translating contracts and terms and conditions. I have found that translation is my true passion in life, so I´m pursuing it actively. Asides from the languages mentioned, I can translate from Danish and Swedish as a source.
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3:43 AM
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