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Quality assurance from Portuguese to Spanish

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Luis Costa
Luis Costa
Portugal, Porto
About me
I have a degree in Human Resources Management, I am a book author, blogger, YouTuber, have a podcast, musician and composer, teacher, proofreader, translator, photographer, and some other things, always learning.
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100%Compliance with deadlines
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Silvana Borghi
Silvana Borghi
Argentina, Moron
About me
I'm a technical, scientific and literary translator, English and Portuguese to Spanish, Italian to Spanish and English too; with 30 years in Education Legal documents (power of attorney, birth certificates, certification of the nonexistence of a specific record), fiction, finance, marketing and environmental issues, and about Alternative Sciences. Specialist in legal and economic translation. FAO documents from Portuguese to Spanish Literary translator: fiction, non -fiction, self-help, novels, religion, and finance books. Experienced in trading and catalogs. Website translations. Manuals, brochures, beauty and fashion translations Experienced in the product description and recommendation notes and MTPE for Alibaba project in Aliexpress and Amazon SDL MTPE certification. Proofreading texts and audio scripts about different fields. Copywriter, writer and image content provider for Summa Linguae in both English and Spanish. AATI member and contributor(Argentine Asociation of Translators
Quality assurance
100%Compliance with deadlines
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6:24 PM
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