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Proofreading from Slovak to Czech

Hire translators, editors, and post-editors via Smartcat’s industry-leading marketplace.
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Josef Babik
Josef Babik
Czechia, Vacenovice
About me
2006-present: Translator for Smart Research, Faust Translations Sarl, AGCO, TAIA Translations, WCM Comp, Ecrivus International, WI, GB Translation, Creative Clicks, dotspot.IT Service GmbH, Kolko Group, ATA Communications, Inc., Tubius Group, MERIT Language Services, Localization Guru, Qabiria, Connecting Group s.r.o.; Svět jazyků, s.r.o.; Computer Press, a. s.; Pretass, s. r. o.; Aspena, s. r. o.; EKO Překlady s. r. o.; Channel Crossings s. r. o.; Transvop s. r. o.; GlobalTranslations, s. r. o.; ADS CZ, s. r. o.; LN GROUP, s. r. o.; Západoslovenské tlačiarne Skalica, s. r. o.; ZELENKA Czech Republic s .r. o.; Eupragia s. r. o.; Lexika s. r. o.; Luqadda, s. r. o. 2006: Employee in real estate agency BIB, a. s. 2004-2006: IT specialist / shift leader in IBM Global Services Delivery Center Brno, worldwide remote LAN/WAN networks management for international customers, specialization in active network devices (switches/routers).
100%Compliance with deadlines
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Michal Rozkydalek
Michal Rozkydalek
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Luton, Bedfordshire
About me
Fluently speaking 5 European languages, cross language translation skills. Czech, Slovak, Polish, Russian, English, all at business level.
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Zuzana Wardas
Zuzana Wardas
Czechia, Most
About me
I am a freelance translator from the Czech Republic. I am mostly specializing in translations from English to Czech, German to Czech. I decided to start my professional translating career around the year 2014, although I have been in regular contact with English and German language. I am a freelance translator with billing options. Translations are my second job. I have experience from daily routine communication. I offer translation: EN -> CZ; GER -> CZ; SK -> CZ
80 kwords
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