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Editing from Slovak to Swedish
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Zoltan Lee
Zoltan Lee
Czechia, Brno
About me
I am a Swedish native, grown up in south Sweden and studied and worked in Stockholm. I also have experience to the Swedish spoken in Finland, and I speak or understand seven other European languages - making it easy for me to compare. I also have other non-translation work experience in business, finance, corporate polices and journalism. As my studies range from archaeology to physics, I have a wide range of knowledge that is handy when translating. I translate both formal and informal text. Formal texts concern often integrity and privacy and other policies. As I have ample of experience with policy writing, I understand the complexity and the need for coherence. I prefer tasks where there is more space to consider as this is one of the best guarantees for a quality work. I also have in-house native Czech proof reading on university lecturer level, and university level Latin services.
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