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Translation from Slovenian to Spanish

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Raimundo Puyol
Raimundo Puyol
Slovenia, ljubljana
About me
Born in the beautiful little town of Greenbrae, just a few miles away from San Francisco. I moved at an early age to the capital of Chile in South America. Always fascinated with the arts, cultures, human psychology, nature, and sports. I started studying theater in the Teatro Imagen school. After finishing my studies, I moved to Moscow to continue my education for more 4 years. It was there where I started traslating and teaching Spanish. Now I'm living in Slovenia.
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6:28 PM
Jairo Dorado
Jairo Dorado
About me
Translating for more than 15 years from English, German, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovene and Portuguese into Spanish and Galician. Simultaneous & consecutive interpreter from English, Portuguese, German, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian into Spanish and Galician. Conference Interpreting Agent (AIC) to the institutions of the European Union accredited to interpret from English, Croatian, Portuguese, Montenegrin, Serbian, Galician and Bosnian into Spanish. Court translator and interpreter for Galician and English. My fields of specialization are legal and medical texts, as well as localizing and editing web site content.
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