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MT post-editing from Spanish to Belarusian

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Yury Arkesau
Yury Arkesau
About me
Hello! I want to offer my professional translation services as a freelance SPANISH-RUSSIAN/BELARUSIAN, RUSSIAN/BELARUSIAN-SPANISH translator. Russian and Belarusian are my mother tongues. I have a degree in languages. I have more than 10 years of experience in translation and interpretation. I have lived and worked for 7 years in several Spanish speaking countries. I know the cultural and linguistic peculiarities of many Spanish-speaking countries. My specialty is the oil field, geology, gas, mining, seismic, computing and sports. Although my level of languages, my experience and my knowledge allow me to do translations in other branches depending on the subject. If you enjoy doing something, then you will try to do your best. So, I ENJOY DOING TRANSLATIONS. I am very demanding of myself. My main goals are quality and punctuality.
MT post-editing
100%Compliance with deadlines
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1.6 mlnwords
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1:05 PM Last seen:19 minutes ago
Anatol Prasalovich
Anatol Prasalovich
Belarus, Mahilou
MT post-editing
45 kwords
per word
1:05 PM
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