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Proofreading from Spanish to Latvian
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Veronika Fedotova
Veronika Fedotova
Brazil, Belo Horizonte
About me
Dr. Sc. Ing. in Mechanical engineering with more than 40 published scientific articles. 15 years of experience in translation services, focusing on academic, scientific, technical, and legal documents. Languages: Russian, English, Latvian, Portuguese, Italian, Ukrainian, Spanish.
100%Compliance with deadlines
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Solvita Meke
Solvita Meke
Spain, Malaga
About me
Love exploring new topics for translation via research, taking online courses, visiting seminars and exploring different fields first hand, travelling, whichever comes my way and "catches the eye". I take pleasure working with text, investigating and reaching for perfection. So far, I've been learning, participating and/or worked in: food & beverage, sales & marketing, customer service, logistics, fashion & cosmetics, administration, agriculture, nature & animal world, travel & culture, construction, psychology, philosophy, street & vice... All in different language set though. I get very enthusiastic and passionate about new subjects, you can count on my full attention on a project, intense research and best execution I can deliver. I love learning, always welcome constructive criticism, happy to work in a team and thrilled by a challenge.
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3:30 PM
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