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MT post-editing from Vietnamese to Japanese
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Phong Do
Phong Do
Japan, Tokyo
About me
Hello. My native language is Vietnamese. My major was Robotics. When I was a student, I worked as a Japanese tour guide, IT tester, and Japanese teacher. Now, I am working as an Air-conditioning engineer in a construction company in Tokyo. I also work as a translator and supporter for Vietnamese branch. Sometimes, I also make some of researches about Vietnamese market. Therefore, I belive that I have enough knowledges and experiences in many areas such as tourism, linguistics, IT, mechanical technic, electronics, air-conditioning system, construction, marketing, economy and so on. I also got the JLPT N1(the highest level in Japanese Proficiency test), TOEIC 770, and HSK5(upper-intermediate level in Chinese). That is reason why I have gotten many translation projects for many years as a freelancer.
MT post-editing
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